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Welcome to the adventure haven of Waterford Valley, where Stoke Resorts serves as your gateway to an array of thrilling activities and serene escapes. Whether you're a nature enthusiast seeking breathtaking trails and waterfalls, or a cultural explorer diving into local arts and dining experiences, the region around Stoke Resorts offers something for everyone.
From skiing and mountain biking at Poley Mountain to discovering hidden gems like the Sussex Bluff Trail and Trout Creek Falls, you'll find adventure at every turn. Explore the charming towns nearby and immerse yourself in the local flavors and vibrant arts scene for a truly unforgettable stay.
Poley Mountain

Located just minutes from Stoke Resorts, Poley Mountain is a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure year-round. In winter, it transforms into a snowy playground with groomed trails catering to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The resort is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, diverse terrain, and excellent facilities.

When the snow melts, Poley Mountain becomes a hub for mountain biking, offering trails that wind through the scenic landscape of the Waterford Valley. Whether you're tackling the slopes or exploring the trails, Poley Mountain promises a memorable experience amid stunning natural beauty.
PoleyMountain Sussex.jpg
Sussex Bluff Trail

Sussex Bluff Trail, a beloved local gem, offers visitors a scenic journey through the picturesque landscapes of Sussex. The trail, suitable for both casual hikers and seasoned adventurers, winds its way up to a stunning overlook where sweeping views of the valley below and the surrounding hills await. This breathtaking vantage point captures the essence of the region's natural beauty, with its lush forests, rolling farmland, and distinctive rock formations.

The trail is well-maintained yet retains its rugged charm, providing a rewarding escape for those seeking tranquility and a taste of adventure. Whether you're soaking in the scenery at the summit or exploring the trail's nooks and crannies, Sussex Bluff Trail promises an invigorating experience amid New Brunswick's captivating wilderness.
Fundy National Park

Nestled along the rugged coast of the Bay of Fundy, Fundy National Park is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. This pristine park is renowned for its dramatic tides, some of the highest in the world, which reveal a stunning landscape of tidal flats and sea caves when the waters recede.

The park features over 100 kilometres of hiking and biking trails that wind through Acadian forest, past cascading waterfalls, and alongside serene lakes. Visitors can marvel at diverse wildlife, enjoy kayaking and paddleboarding, or simply soak in the tranquility of the natural surroundings. Whether you're exploring its panoramic viewpoints or enjoying a family picnic at one of the picturesque beaches, Fundy National Park offers endless opportunities for outdoor fun and relaxation.
Fundy Park.jpg
Bay of Fundy Adventures
Located near the charming village of St. Martins, Bay of Fundy Adventures offers thrilling outdoor excursions that bring the dramatic landscapes of the Bay of Fundy to life. Specializing in guided sea kayaking and boat tours, they provide access to rugged cliffs, hidden sea caves, and picturesque coves that are only accessible by water.

Whether you're navigating the tides in a kayak, hiking coastal trails, or spotting seals and seabirds from a boat, Bay of Fundy Adventures is a must-visit for anyone seeking an unforgettable maritime experience in the Fundy region.
​Parlee Brook Falls
Nestled in a secluded part of the Sussex region, ​Parlee Brook Falls is a striking natural wonder that beckons adventurers seeking a rewarding hike. The journey to the falls is as captivating as the destination itself, with the trail meandering through serene forests and offering glimpses of the surrounding Parlee Brook Amphitheatre. The falls cascade down towering cliffs, creating a breathtaking sight, especially in winter when they transform into mesmerizing ice walls.

This hidden gem is well worth the trek for those willing to venture off the beaten path, providing a peaceful yet invigorating experience for nature lovers. Whether you're seeking a winter wonderland or a refreshing summer escape, Parlee Brook Falls promises an unforgettable adventure amid New Brunswick's rugged wilderness.
​Friars Nose Look Out

Friars Nose Look Out is a spectacular vantage point perched high above the Waterford Valley, offering panoramic views that make the steep hike up well worth the effort. As you ascend Arnold Hollow Drive to the trailhead, the journey to the lookout takes you through lush forest terrain and up a steep ATV trail, leading to a breathtaking cliffside view overlooking the rolling landscape below.

The lookout provides a serene escape where visitors can marvel at the vast, tree-covered hills and winding valleys that characterize New Brunswick's rugged beauty. With its captivating vistas and tranquil atmosphere, Friars Nose Look Out is the perfect destination for hikers and photographers seeking to connect with nature and capture unforgettable moments.
Walton Glen Gorge
Walton Glen Gorge, often referred to as the "Grand Canyon of New Brunswick," is a breathtaking natural spectacle that offers visitors a glimpse into the rugged beauty of the Fundy region. Nestled within the expansive Fundy Trail Parkway, the gorge plunges over 200 meters into a canyon carved by ancient glaciers, creating dramatic cliffs and lush, forested walls that tower over Walton Glen Brook. A series of well-marked trails lead to observation platforms and viewpoints where visitors can marvel at the deep ravine and the roaring Walton Glen Falls.

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a casual explorer, Walton Glen Gorge is a must-see for anyone seeking an immersive outdoor adventure, providing panoramic views and unparalleled photo opportunities that will leave you in awe of New Brunswick's natural majesty.
Fundy Trail Parkway

Fundy Trail Parkway is a scenic coastal drive and nature preserve that showcases the raw beauty of New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy coastline. Stretching for over 30 kilometers, the parkway features a winding route that offers stunning views from its many roadside lookouts, each providing unique perspectives on the towering cliffs, secluded beaches, and forested valleys below.

The parkway is also rich with opportunities for exploration, featuring a network of hiking and biking trails, interpretive displays, and access points to hidden waterfalls and historic sites like Walton Glen Gorge. With the Bay of Fundy tides shaping the landscape and abundant wildlife to spot, Fundy Trail Parkway is an ideal destination for adventurers and families alike, offering immersive opportunities to connect with nature and the region's cultural heritage.
These and many other great adventures await you when you choose to stay at Stoke Resorts.
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